Wireless Information

LCSC has WiFi throughout all buildings for staff and students to have access to online resources 24x7. In order to ensure we maintain enough bandwidth during the day, we do not provide an open wireless network for any user to connect to. There is an open wireless network that is available after school hours and over the weekend. It is for connecting to the Internet and services such as a printing are not available on this network. Here is a list of our visible wireless networks and what they are used for. We do utilize other wireless networks that our not visible to a general user.

  • LCSC-WiFi - This is for staff computers to connect to during the day in order to have access to the Internet, printers, and other LCSC online resources. This is a protected network and only LCSC approved devices can connect to this network in order to maintain security of our network.
  • LCSC-Guest - This is for Guest that need access to the Internet during the school day. This does require a unique guest key which can be given out by a building for a guest to connect to the Internet. It is available 24x7 once a user has their Guest key. There are one day, one week and one school year access available.
  • LCSC-Open - This network becomes available after school and the weekends, and is available during the day in limited places. This network does not require a special key, but does require the user to accept the End User Agreement before connecting. Services such as printing are not available on this network.